General Studies (Preliminary + Mains)

The importance of ‘General Studies’ is uncontroversial in Civil Services Examination. After examining the result of previous few years, we found that the basic reason behind failure in achieving desired success by Hindi medium students has been their disappointing performance in ‘General Studies’. Students have been gaining highly qualitative guidance in Hindi medium in optional subjects (Hindi Literature, Philosophy, History, Political Science, Geography, Public Administration etc.) but General Studies has a worrying condition.
The key features of the programme offered by The Eklavya IAS are as follows:-
Regular practice of questions of main examinations of last ten years.
Latest course material prepared on the basis of most reliable sources.
A complete class programme of more than 500 hours.
More than 20 mock tests.
Practice of more than 3000 objective questions for preliminary examination.
Segments of General Studies:

Segments of CSAT

  • Economy
  • Indian History
  • Geography
  • Science & Technology
  • Indian Polity
  • India and World
  • Social Issues
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Current Affairs

Essay writing (Mains)

Despite securing good marks in optional subjects, many candidates could not succeed ultimately due to ignoring the importance of essay. Therefore, ‘The Eklavya IAS‘ took the initiative of launching ‘Essay Workshop’ so that students from Hindi medium can secure good marks in essay too and they can finally succeed in Civil Services Examination. Essay is such a question paper in which fluctuations in marks is easily visible. A part of the students secure 50-60 marks and the other part secure 150-170 marks out of total 250 marks. This fluctuation in marks isn’t illogical and motiveless always, in fact the basic skills related to essay writing play a premier role behind it.
The essay programme in ‘The Eklavya IAS‘ tries to ensure that the basic skills related to essay writing develop in students so that they can secure high marks. The experience in past years shows that the students of our class have been generally securing on average 140 marks or more than that.
It is worth noting that the subjects in essay have faced qualitative modifications in the past years. Now, essay comprises of various abstract subjects too. It has led to enhancement in the importance of development of style of contemplation. Keeping it in mind, ‘The Eklavya IAS‘ has made a serious attempt to create latest and contextual subject-matter.